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Check for integrity. Prove ownership. Never reveal the data.

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Add your file here and the proof of its authenticity will be sent to the blockchain. The file remains local, no one accesses it, only the proof of its authenticity is recorded forever on the blockchain!

  • Upload your file and leave a message for people who whant to check it.
  • When a document is already registred, you see the message left by its author.
  • To add a new version, upload the last version and add the new one.

What's for ?

DOCSTAMPR let you register the proof of existance of your document on a blockchain... then anyone can check they have the good one.

Document integrity

Check the document you see has not been modified

Intelectual property

Get proof that you had an idea without revealing it


Prove ownership and Deed transfer

Save time

Let peaple check temselfe if they have the right document

Brand image

Allow partners to check if the document used is authorized

Time Staming

Great achievement ? Had a time stamp to a document

How does it works?

Your document is locally transformed into a cryptographic proof. Then this proof is stored on a blockchain.

Blockchain technology allow to store datas on a ledger shared across a pool of computers owned by different peaple. Has these peaple are incentivized to keep it clean, Changing a single data on this ledger is not impossible.

Relying on this principle, your document proof of exostance is stored on the blockchain network and this proof (not the tata) will always be checkable by anyone. Test it by your own ! send a file...

Smart-B blockchain

DOCSTAMPR use Smart-B blockchain and is integrated as a core feature. Each cityzen can now prove any document ownership.

Integration services

Our professionnal services let you integrate this mecanisme in any permissionned blockchain.


All code and applications are opensourced in Civis Blockchain association repository.


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Doc checked


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Need more ? Try pro app.

Using DOCSTAMPR app allow you to manage files, create stamping workflows, and create trust on your documents accross organisations !


Simple app, simple princing


Free plan

  • Add a document
  • Get the hash
  • Check hash any time
  • No file upload
  • No meta-data
  • No integration
  • No support
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Easy plan

  • Add a document
  • Get the Hash
  • Check any time and download
  • Upload the file (optional)
  • Add meta-data
  • No integration
  • No support
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  • Add a document
  • Get the Hash
  • Check any time and download
  • Upload the file (optional)
  • Add meta-data
  • Integrate with your apps
  • Professionnal support
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Frequently Asked Questions

If have any question not here, kindly contact us !

  • We use a permissionned blockchain because we don't neet the cryptocurency stuff. We can then offer a fixed pice for our service. There already (still?)exist this kind of service on public blockchain if you need so.

  • We use SSM, an opensource protocol implemented on Smart-B to deploy fast and secure app without coding smart contracts.

  • Not at the moment, but maybe in the next upgrade.

  • At the moment, any pdf or image (jpg, png). We plan to add other formats soon. If you need send us a message.

  • Adding a doc is 1€, a part goes to paypal, another one in transaction fees, and the remaining for keeping the service alive.